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before you float...

The Therapeutic Float Pods have a couple of things to realize before you float...



  1. A qualified person has not shown you how to use the float pod.

  2. You are currently under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or illegal substances.

  3. You are injured or have open or bleeding wounds.

  4. You have had your hair dyed with permanent dye within the last 14 days before your float.  NO other dyes allowed. Believe us, you do not want to run the risk of paying for replacing a pod.

  5. You suffer from incontinence, nausea, or high blood pressure and are not on medication and have not consulted with your doctor.

  6. You were medically advised not to float.

  7. You are under 18 years old and have not obtained consent from your legal guardian.

  8. You recently received a tattoo or piercing within the last 10 days.

  9. You have had a spray tan or have used self-tanning lotion within the last 10 days.

  10. You have not signed a SweetWater Wellness’ “Acknowledgement & Waiver” form.

  11. You do not shower and wash off all oils, lotions, and dirt from your body and hair.

  12. You have any communicable disease, infectious disease or illness, skin disorder, large cuts, open sores or wounds.

  13. You are epileptic. Unless it is the opinion of your physician that your epilepsy is under medical control so that you are in sufficient control of your seizures and you will not endanger yourself in the floatation pod.

  14. You are pregnant unless you have consulted and received permission from your physician.

  15. You suffer or have suffered from chronic heart disease. Unless, it is the opinion of your physician that your chronic heart disease is under medical control so that you can safely use the float pod.

  16. You suffer or possess any existing ear, nose, or eye condition that may be irritated by properties within the float pod mentioned anywhere within this document.

  17. You are menstruating.




At SweetWater Wellness we pride ourselves in superb customer service and we try to anticipate your every need.

Here is a list of the amenities we provide:

  • Shampoo

  • Conditioner

  • Body Wash

  • Lotion

  • Hair Dryer

  • Earplugs

  • Vaseline

  • Q-tips

  • Towel

  • Make-up Remover

  • Disposable flip-flops - please ask if you'd like some.


You may wish to bring personal hygiene items such as:

  • Make-up remover - your unique brand

  • Hairbrush and/or Comb

  • Deodorant

  • Make-up

  • Face lotion

  • Contact lens case with solution





  1. Thoroughly read and sign the "Acknowledgement & Waiver" form. This document contains valuable information regarding floatation hygiene and safety. You must fully understand and agree to the terms and restrictions in this document before floating.

  2. Tell us if you would like continuous music from our selection. We suggest 10 minutes at the start of your float, which automatically fades to 50 minutes of silence.

  3. Use the water closet if you need to, before starting your shower. If you realize that you need to empty your bladder while you are floating, remember, Don't pee in the pod! Simply step out of the pod, rinse off really well, and slip on the robe provided in your room. If you do use the robe, please leave it on the floor of your room so we know to wash it.

  4. Please remove all jewelry, make-up (remover provided), hairpieces, and contact lenses.

  5. Dry your hands and fit the earplugs (provided) into your ears. Fit them 'well in' as your ears are just below the water line. The earplugs will not stop you from hearing the music.

  6. You will have a private room and shower. Soap and shampoo are provided for you so you can thoroughly clean your body before stepping into the float pod. You are invited to float in your birthday suit!

  7. The water matches your skin temperature or just a bit warmer. The float pod holds 180 gallons of water and approximately 1000 lbs of epsom salt which allows you to float effortlessly on the surface. The high concentration of salt may cause slight itchiness at first. If you have just shaved, waxed, or have any cuts or scratches, dry your skin thoroughly and apply a thin layer of Vaseline (provided.)

  8. For the ladies! If your valley down below is going through a dry spell, please use the Vaseline! After you shower, dry yourself off and apply plenty of Vaseline. Doing this will help you not feel like you are on fire in the salty water.

  9. Do not add perfumes, bath salts, essential oils, or other chemicals to the water. Do not smoke, drink, or eat in the pod.




After you have put in your earplugs, showered, cooled your water down to a cooler temp before exiting the shower, and dried your face, you will be ready for your session. (Note: you may choose to turn the lights off before or after you shower, BUT make sure to turn them off. Use the intercom to let us know if you have forgotten and we should be able to do this remotely for you)


  1. The pod will be open and the lights will be on low when you get in your room.

  2. After you have showered thoroughly, hold onto the sides of the pod for stability to enter the pod and kneel down facing the door. At this time you will need to close the pod. Move to the center and gently lower yourself back into the solution until you are floating face up in the pod. We recommend having your head at the opposite end to the door. It's virtually impossible to drown. Do not under any circumstances, turn on your belly or face down into the pod. Always remain on your back!

  3. You may switch the lights on or off at any time during your floatation session and you may open or close the door at any time. Rest assured the door will not lock shut; you can push it open at any time.

  4. For your comfort, you may like to start with the 'Floatease' support cushion for your neck and head. These are perfect for the new floater and for those that have neck and shoulder issues. It helps your head to RELAX!

  5. Try not to splash around because water droplets may sting your eyes. If this happens, rinse your eyes with the water bottle that is inside the pod, then wipe off with a towel.

  6. Relax your body. Your brain will take some time to settle down, and you will most likely have a good "think" at first. This may continue for some time, but don't be frustrated. Your body is relaxing regardless. Be patient. You will eventually "drift off..."

  7. At the end of your floatation session, the music will return and shortly after the lights will turn on and the circulation will start.

  8. Sit up, move towards the pod door, get on your knees and slowly rise with the door. Please use the edge of the pod to help you stabilize yourself... Not the door!

  9. Stand up and carefully step over to the shower.

  10. Shower and thoroughly wash your hair to remove the epsom salts.

  11. If water leaked into your ears, make sure to rinse your ears out thoroughly after the float. In rare cases, if allowed to crystallize on the eardrum, the salt can cause earaches. Ask for help if you feel you have not gotten the salt all out.




  • People with sports injuries or back pain may experience some discomfort in the early stages. Your brain focuses on even minor sensations due to a new complete lack of "feeling" elsewhere. Bear with it - aches and pains will ebb away.

  • It can take 30 minutes for your muscles to relax completely. Please do not become frustrated if it takes you a while for your mind to settle down - everyone experiences this! After the session, you will realize the full benefits.

  • Remember that you are in a private room, so you can leave the pod door open if you wish. (You may feel a chill if you leave the door open for the whole hour!) Alternatively, you can prop the door open. You may also want to leave the pod's interior light on (button is on the side.)

  • If you elect to take advantage of the sensory deprivation aspect associated with floatation, please be aware this requires a complete blackout. Extra care and caution should be exercised when getting up at the end of a session, you are in complete control of the environment. When getting out of the tank, please remember to turn on the light in the pod.

  • At the end of your session, you will become aware of the music again, indicating time to get out. Sometimes people don't notice the music, no worries, the pod will begin to filter and the light will automatically turn on.


Please vacate the room within 10 minutes at the end of your float, as we have to prepare for the next client.